The only Oxygen analyser for crematoria always in measure, guaranteed for 18 months!


Always ready to measure, whatever the temperature of the combustion fumes.

No plant stops due to premature wear due to the special pink ceramic

No unnecessary waste of primary fuel

No long waiting for deliveries. Shipping guaranteed within 7 days from order.

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Warranty 18 months!

We are the only Oxygen Analyser Manufacturers for crematory ovens with the 18 Month Warranty instead of the 12 Months that all other Manufacturers give you. Thanks to the scrupulous tests of our Pink Quality Program, which each probe is subjected to, we are able to add 6 Extra Months to the standard warranty!


I have always adopted Adev’s solution on my ovens. In addition to the quality of the probes I greatly appreciated the availability and courtesy.
I had some measurement problems caused by the ambient temperature at which the probe worked, but thanks to Oxypink this rock has been completely solved. My company has benefited a lot from this new solution.
Balzari Ettore

Sole Director, Sib s.r.l.

I switched to the Adev probes because of the poor reliability of the others.
On one occasion there were some small problems regarding packaging, but now the problem has been solved thanks to the new packaging which, in addition to being aesthetically beautiful, is really well done.
Serious and competent, I would advise them to colleagues in the industry to work with Adev.
Magni Gianpaolo

Electric Depatrment, Sait s.r.l

I came to know about Adev through specialized websites, it was easy to find them even though I did not know them.
In the past I used probes from other companies but their short duration definitely convinced me to move on to those of Adev.
Finally I solved this problem and thanks to the duration of the product and the quality of the service I feel much calmer.
If I had to evaluate from 1 to 10 the benefit that my company has had from this product give a big 10
Giuseppe Amara

Director, GE.S.P.I srl.

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