Dear manufacturer of crematory ovens,


I’m talking right at you, that you put all the commitment of the world to make things stand out but there is always some piece out of place that forces you to run after the problem of shift.


“When I think of the word guarantee, I always get chills.”

The first thing that comes to mind is that damned dishwasher,

he seems to have a timer.


It seems really done on purpose!!!


As soon as the warranty expires one day begins to make strange noises and all the lights are blinking.

If it is not the dishwashing is something else, a nightmare.


And if by mistake the guarantee has not yet expired, it is always a problem that is not covered.


I bet that even you, between home and work at least once you happened to be screwed.


Fortunately, however, this is not always the case.


As I mentioned in the title, the Oxypink warranty was designed especially for you, the ovens built from the beginning to the last bolt.


Being in the sector for over 30 years, and having the good fortune to collaborate with some of the most important producers of crematory ovens and not, scattered all over the world,

has allowed us to fully understand some of the problems typical of your sector.


Among these that seems obvious, but in the end puts a few grains of sand in the gear is just that of the guarantee.


On average a crematorium oven is guaranteed for 1 year.


In this period the functioning of the oxygen probe is also included.

(the life of a ceramic oxygen probe is greater than 1 year if the furnace is correctly driven and there are no human errors).


At this point, you builder, to make ends meet you are forced to make a silly choice.


This means that you only have 2 possible choices:


La sonda viene spediata direttamente al destinatario finale e montata quando il forno è già operativo.



Se costruisci il forno nel tuo stabilimento e lo vuoi testare da completo per essere certo del perfetto funzionamento, rischi di ritrovarti con un bel problema:


La garanzia della sonda non copre per intero la durata di quella del forno,

e in caso di guasto, tu costruttore ti trovi nella posizione di dover sostituire la sonda di ossigeno a tue spese per non fornire dei disservizi al tuo cliente.



Solitamente la garanzia di un sonda ceramica è di solo un anno, ma noi di  Oxypink grazie alla nostra tecnologia innovativa siamo in grado di garantirtela per ben 18 mesi.




6 mesi in più di ogni altro costruttore.

Mica poco il 50% in più!!!


“Do you know what this means?”


You can easily order your probe,

mount it on your oven and do all the tests you want calmly,

without having problems on the 1 year warranty with your buyer.


Or, if you already know that your crematorium does not need any further control, you can enjoy the warranty period to the maximum, by purchasing your oxygen probe at the last moment,

also taking advantage of the fact that shipping is guaranteed within 48 hours of confirmation of purchase!

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“Reading the article I’m a little worried that a bad thought might have crossed your mind,

I do not want you to have strange doubts”


The OXYPINK oxygen probe is not guaranteed for 18 months because we have taken into account your oven assembly times and any other downtime.


Your OXYPINK probe

except for improper use or incorrect operation of the system,

actually has a minimum guaranteed duration of 18 months.



Ciò ti consente una notevole copertura nel tempo, basti pensare che nell’ipotesi più sfortunata di una durata di soli 18 mesi si tratterebbe comunque di diver sostituire solamente 2 sonde nell’arco di 3 anni.


Against the 3 that normally would last only 1 year.


Of course, this is a pessimistic calculation based on the breaking of each probe just ended the warranty,

but Murphy’s law teaches us that it can easily happen.



Considering that an oven has an average life of at least 20 years, the bill is soon made.


I wanted to conclude by telling you that these 18 months are not the result of a magic wand or a gamble thrown there in the hope that tells us well.


They are the children of an accurate desk study, tests and new tests on materials, evidence of aging and the search for any hidden pitfall.


All this then took the form of a procedure, to which each OXYPINK oxygen probe is subjected before being put on the market.


Il The PINK QUALITY PROGRAM or simply PQP,  thanks to its 62 controls, is the reason why we are the only ones able to guarantee you 18 months warranty



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