Wo we are and what we do

We are the specialists in oxygen measurements with zirconium oxide technology.

We were the first Italian company to develop and produce with own know-how measuring instruments based on this measurement principle and we fully know all the secrets and limits.

We have developed an oxygen measuring probe specifically designed for use in the crematory formers.

Suitable to withstand the extreme conditions typical of this kind of plant where the high temperature, the aggressive compounds that develop by burning biological material and the phenomena of abrasion due to ash are critical factors for the reliability of any other instrument.

We help the manufacturers of crematory ovens to guarantee a perfect regulation of the plant in real time thanks to a reliable and accurate measurement of the oxygen in the secondary chamber and therefore to reduce:


The emissions of dioxins


Carbon Monoxide emissions


Bad smells


Energy consumption related to primary fuel waste

Unlike the other manufacturers, thanks to our Pink Quality Program, we guarantee 62 quality and performance checks performed on every single analyzer that leaves the factory.

For this reason we are the only ones on the market that give you 18 months warranty instead of 12. Ben 6 more than all the others.

Our goal is to help you avoid the risk of downtime at all costs because we know how expensive it is to keep an oven of this kind.

We will provide you with an analyser that even an unskilled operator can easily install in no time. We have
always solved the problem of having to wait for useless dead times in the morning when you turn the oven on, wasting primary fuel while waiting to heat the fumes.

We are the only ones to provide a tool that is always ready for all its life, whatever the temperature of the combustion fumes. This thanks to the sophisticated internal thermoregulation system that makes it suitable
for use without distinction from 0 ° C to 1250 ° C.

And all without giving up the strength and reliability guaranteed by the construction in special pink alumina.

We offer a very compact electronics to support the probe. No more cumbersome units you need to install on the wall. We also know that space can be a problem when installation must be done in confined spaces.

Our electronic package is a sophisticated microprocessor control unit, but designed for DIN rail mounting and can be installed in a very small space inside the oven control panel. It also gives you the ability to easily communicate with the acquisition PLC and even allows remote calibration control.

We have specialized technicians available to provide technical assistance both by telephone and in the field during installation and configuration.

In addition, we are the only ones able to guarantee the shipment of a new complete system in maximum 1 week and a new probe within 48 hours from the order, to avoid planning long-term purchases and to see inventory increase without control, increasing costs.

What we DO NOT do and Why

We do not provide analysers that need gas to work.

Because: circulating a gas so full of ashes and particulates creates many problems of clogging and corrosion. We also have analysers of this type, but we use them for other applications, mainly in combustion processes on low temperature boilers.

We do not provide analysers for on-site measurements of CO and burnt in the secondary chamber
Because: The CO measurement makes sense as an emission measure and aims to monitor the amount of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere.

On the contrary, a measure of CO and other burnt combustion chamber, in addition to being not very
significant, is usually proposed with catalytic sensors that have a low motion precision and require gas extraction because these sensors can not operate at high temperatures. In fact, we have never seen an application of this type work for a reasonable time, nor known any customer satisfied with this solution.

We do not offer analysers with metal parts immersed in the process

Because: the combustion gas, loaded with ash, has such a strong abrasive force that the metal parts have a too limited duration.

We do not sell products from other brands.

Because: we are a company that designs and manufactures all its zirconium oxide tools with internal staff. If not, we could not give a warranty of 18 months and ensure the shipment of a probe within 48 days from the order.