More and more we recently hear about cremation.

Worldwide, the number of cremations has been growing steadily for years.


2018 data speak about more than 3.5 million cremations occurred. And the trend

seems to be steadily increasing.

It’s estimated that about 3 out of 10 people today choose this solution.



The more this practice spreads the more faults on cremation plants become a big problem both for those who conduct crematoriums and for the poor families that see the corpse bounce from one municipality to another, adding to the already sad moments…


You must know that the spread of cremations in the world is not homogeneous

There are countries where cremation is more widespread, such as

  • Japan (99.98%)
  • Switzerland (86.69%)
  • Taiwan (96.76%)


Other countries where cremation is not very popular

  • Cuba (9.6 %)
  • Mongolia (8.5 %)
  • Ireland (19.6 %)


As evidenced by the numerous articles on the web (click on the links below to read some of them), the management of crematory plants is proving to be a major problem.


Most of the time it happens that the bodies are diverted into “more or less” close crematorium.


Those crematoriums are, in the majority of cases, already at the limit of the capacity of daily cremations.

We say “already” because every cremation requires a minimum time, based on the size and power of the crematorium.


Another factor that has a noticeable effect is whether it is a furnace in a large urban center that works in a continuous cycle, or a small center that works by turning the crematorium on and off intermittently.

Cremation is a cyclic and discontinuous process, so-called “batch” and of limited duration. When the crematorium is turned on, there is a pre-heating phase.

Then cremation can take place.


To date, each time it is turned on, it must wait up to 1 hour, before the hot crematory fumes reach the secondary chamber where the oxygen probe is installed.


And as long as the probe (heated by the fumes) does not reach the minimum operating temperature, you cannot burn.

 “It can be a nuisance to have to wait so long. Besides being a considerable waste of time and energy, don’t you think?”

Immagine correlata

Saving apart, that is always a factor to be reckoned with, try to think:


“and if there was a way to reduce the waiting time at power-on to ZERO, being able to start cremating right away?”


Certainly you would not definitively solve the problem of breakdowns and related downtime, but every day you could easily get to do one more CREMATION.

Even if one more cremation may not seem much to you, in these moments of crisis, which often even extend for months before the crematorium is repaired, in reality then it makes the difference and why.


” Reading the various articles published on the online newspapers, I imagine the typical scene, dozens of families who rightly protest with the unfortunate ones on duty, which in most cases are faced with situations they are not guilty of.“



If every crematorium in the area had the possibility of making one more cremation per day, the problem would not be completely solved, but it would certainly be possible to stem it more effectively.

And if the solution were even easy to implement on existing systems, requiring only the replacement of one of the components of the crematorium, don’t you think it should at least be taken into consideration?


With OxyPink this problem no longer exists.


The probe has an integrated heating system and is ready to measure in less than 10 minutes from when you connect it for the first time.

And from that moment and on, he will always remain fit for his entire life, regardless of furnace cycles, ensuring continuity of operation of the crematorium and a significant reduction in costs related to methane consumption.


For this and many other reasons, including guaranteed shipping in 7 working days, you should consider equipping your crematorium with an Oxypink probe.


Ask your maintainer or the parent company of your crematorium to install an OxyPink, the crematorium probe.


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