What is the Mojito effect?

The combustion fumes of a crematorium are extremely aggressive. You see it every day and I certainly don’t have to explain it to you.

I’m sure you’ve run across the burning of a piece of plastic. You can get a black smoke and a terrible stench!


Make the appropriate proportions and think about what environment you get by burning a wooden painted coffin with solvent-based paints containing a dead human body at a very high temperature.





Some manufacturers offer probes models with the external sensor near the probe head.


This solution, although apparently more durable because it is far from dirt, is affected by the Mojito effect. Yes you read that right!!! Mojito.


You surely had one in your life. Delicious, but to savor the drink you must first of all suck strongly from the straw and, by doing this it, often it happens that a small piece of crushed ice or a mint leaf obstructs the drink straw passage.

The same thing happens with the semi-extractive probes: the probe tube immersed inside the post-combustion chamber, together with the gas being analyzed, sucks up the ashes and all the dust found in the combustion fumes.



It’s easy to imagine how all this dirt can accumulate and even completely obstruct the pipe, with consequent inaccuracies in the measurement.


But Clogging may not affect only the inner tube.


Being the sensitive unit of semi-extractive probes placed outside the process, the gas you need to analyze must be directed to the analysis point.

This is done by aspiration; consequently, the sample gas passes through filters and tubes, increasing the possibility for obstructions during the process, with consequent loss in oxygen measurement, which in turn would cause a system shutdown.



The analyzers with tip sensor are evidently more reliable, for the following reasons:


1)The dusty gas resulting from the process will not circulate in narrow spaces, but the oxygen measurement takes place directly in the process, during the natural gas passage. There is no chance a mojito effect will occur.


2) Just as a speed camera checks the cars passing by and snaps the picture in case they exceed the limit, the probe constantly monitors the flow of gas, monitoring the % of oxygen.



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