We live in times when telling and telling has become necessary as well as strategic.

Without narration in this era of “continuous conversation” and “social media”, there is a growing risk of not existing.

In some respects, the call to storytelling has become so urgent that it is almost overused.

In the collective imagination, Ferrari is the brand par excellence.

It is something to aspire for those who deal with communication and more.

Perhaps in recent years only Apple has succeeded in a similar undertaking, after all those who have not heard at least some mention of the history of how Steve Jobs from scratch has created an empire?

Our history will not be articulated like that of these famous products, but I assure you that it was not a walk to create this probe dedicated to the crematoria.

“Maybe you have a company too, and you know how many hours, effort and frustration there can be behind the creation and implementation of a new product.”

The obstacles to be overcome were many more than expected, but in the end we succeeded.

Now, I want to tell you how this challenge came about.

“enjoy the reading”

Like every year, to celebrate Christmas, we all found ourselves in the family for the dinner on December 24th.

Last year it was my turn to host the troop. My parents, my brother’s family, my in-laws, and my grandmother were present.

I say thankfully because it is always difficult to convince her to leave her house, but she is the soul of the party and must be there.


Between a dance and the other one finally arrives at the most awaited moment. No, not sweets, but the exchange of gifts.

Everyone begins to rummage in envelopes and lockers, pulling out packages and small packages, and begins distributing presents.


At one point a package with the words “per Peppa” happens to me … Peppa is my dog who, just for the record, celebrates her birthday on Christmas Day.

The gift is from my parents who rightly consider her as a family, so much to call her their hairy granddaughter.

I skip the package and a flamingo-shaped puppet appears.


Peppa who is not stupid at all, has already understood that it is for her and has already placed me under the chair looking at me with compassion, waiting for him to give her his toy.

The evening continues with the bitter and the usual chatter, alternating with some nice granddaughter’s anecdote, which as a conclusion always have that in their time everything was better, even the war.


The only one that does not feel, and the thing is strange, is Peppa.

She is very busy in her kennel with her new friend, and it is at that moment that my grandmother comes out asking why the flamingos, even if they have two legs, are always balanced on one.

Good question!!! We all look thoughtfully looking for ideas, until I notice on the face of my brother the typical smile of someone who knows and wants to explain it.

Difatti è così, ci racconta che durante il suo ultimo viaggio di lavoro in Sudafrica, ha avuto la fortuna di potersi concedere una veloce visita all’Addo National Park, e li ha visti dal vivo nel loro habitat.

The guide told him that the flamingos stand on a single leg mainly to regulate the temperature of their body.

In fact, these birds spend most of their time in water, which would cause them to cool down; this is why the paws become a significant source of body heat loss.

When instead they are on the mainland and therefore it is warmer, the flamingos tend to stay on two legs, while gradually lowering the temperature they prefer to stand on one leg, keeping the other folded in contact with the body.


It’s already been over a year, the tests and tests have been countless, but that day an idea was born.



Something unique. We did not feel like debasing it with a name more like a tax code than a brand. In addition we were looking for a name that would easily remain in mind to people and especially that it was international (in fact, more than 50% of turnover we do with exports).

We have chosen OxyPink. The reason why at this point is easy to understand.


Oxy: Oxygen

Pink: Rose. Pink like the flamingo that regulates its body temperature as the probe adjusts its temperature to work in any process condition.

At this point we needed a visual hammer for a single probe, original, different, recognizable by all the others and we borrowed the flamingo as a logo, mindful of the Christmas story.


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