The other night I went out for a beer with a friend of mine whom I had not seen for a long time.


He does a very interesting job that leads him to drive a lot around the city. It deals with home care for elderly people and people with mobility problems of various kinds.

His continuous shooting and being in contact with people of all kinds take him daily to watch scenes worthy of the best comedy films.


In fact, while we wait for us to drink, he tells me one that happened to him that very morning:


“I was in the Viale Monza area in Milan, but right at the beginning, Sesto Marelli area, so much so that I do not even know if it is already called Viale Monza at that height.
At the end of a traffic light, windy day, but a wind that really broke, where everything fluttered. While I was in the queue preceded and followed by other cars, I hear a knock on the glass of the car door and I see one with clasped hands shouting at me: Chief is my parcel under your car.”
I remain amazed and ask him incredulously: “but really?

And he smiles and replies to me!!!


And it continues…

“He points to me that he is in front, then I managed to do a minimum of reverse, he got a little slipped under the car, he recovered the package, he lifted his thumb, smiling, I reciprocated the smile and I went”

There are around some types, that half is enough!!!


The story amused me because the package in question was not mine.


Then, for a moment, I stopped to reflect on what regularly happens in my company and I was discouraged.


Does it never happen to you?

You are there waiting for the urgent package, which you need to complete the order or in general the equipment, finally the doorbell rings the warehouse … and at the door there is a courier with his beautiful coloured uniform, a dazzling smile and a beautiful hand all destroyed, that seems to have played football?


Or even worse !!!

You have finally finished the job for which you have been hired, you have made a masterpiece, everything is perfect, a marvel, pack it carefully and maybe even send it a few days in advance to make a good impression …

DRIN !!! DRINNNNN! the phone rings, you answer and the customer is enraged at having received the crumbled goods. And now? Who pays?



I want to tell you another that just happened to me.

Leaving aside the biblical times of customs, just recently we were waiting for an expedition with an important sample, and obviously when it arrived on 50 pieces at least a dozen were either chipped or completely broken.


These things really make you turn the pXXXe, they literally ruin your days.

It is true that materials can often be fragile, but for this reason the packaging must be clam-proof.

Now we must take into account that we can not rely on the common sense and the grace of the shippers. It’s obvious that you care nothing about your package.


Result: in addition to not having the material you’ve been waiting for so long and you need, you also have to waste time in unnecessary paperwork and calls to fix things.


Send the mail

Take a picture of the ruined product

Fill in the return forms

Call from here, hear from there …

“And most of the time they take you around, tell me if it’s not like that?”


You’re bounced from one place to another, and everyone blows barrel for the blame, causing you to lose twice as much time, resulting in a worsening of mood.

What happened to my friend I think and I hope it is only an extreme case, but there is no doubt that certain things happen, and in life I think it happened to everyone at least once to receive a damaged or damaged package.


“Take a few seconds to rethink how you felt holding it in your hands”



Often the cause of the damaged goods is also due to the bad packaging of the products.


It’s okay to blame the freight forwarders, they deserve it regardless, but so many times I’ve even received heavy goods packed just right with a little paper and danced in the box.

Unless you’re sending a steel brick how do you want the product to arrive, if not ruined?


For us at Oxypink it is essential that your package arrives at your destination in perfect condition.


We can not guarantee on the shippers, but we can assure you the maximum care in the packaging of your product.


It is in the interest of both that your probe arrives intact and functioning.



To do this we have created a new package, consisting of two shaped shells of rigid polyurethane foam.

In the packaging design we have paid particular attention to those that all manufacturers in the packaging sector consider the 2 dogmas.


1) Do not leave empty spaces: To avoid moving the contents during transport, which can cause damage to both the box and the contents, it is necessary to completely fill the space inside the box.

2) Distance from the walls: always place the items to be shipped to the centre of the box, leaving them at least 1 cm away from the walls or external corners.



When making a shipment it is essential to consider factors such as pressure, humidity and shock. The stronger the cardboard is, the more securely packaged the goods are.


Do not risk unnecessary trouble and breakage problems, entrusted to the specialists of the probes,

we do them and we know how to protect them to the fullest.



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